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Ladiko is the perfect little hide away beach situated a few kilometres from Casa Cook. We spent the weekend again at Casa cook in Kolumbia / Kolymbia in Rhodes. We took the ferry from Marmaris, Turkey. After spending a full afternoon in the gorgeous Greek sun, we decided to head to our favourite spot on Rhodes island. We first went to Ladiko bay, beautiful deep blue waters with spotted blue umbrellas and hints of yellow. We then walked over to Anthony Quinn Bay, which is just over the hill.

The Ladiko and Anthony Quinn Bay beaches are located within a small cove that feels miles away from the rest of the island, despite offering a number of umbrella and sun bed rentals. You can snorkel off the shores or just spend the day relaxing and splashing around.

We got in the car and headed for LINDOS, a small little village.  Lindos is full of hidden gems, you need time to wander the streets, churches, roof top terraces and then find the perfect Greek salad.  There is a Lindos Acropolis, which is really beautiful too. If you want to see their beach too here are a few options: Calm Pallas Beach, secluded St. Paul’s Bay, and the main beach, Megali Paralia. Save time to explore the town itself, too. It’s a bit of a hike up to the acropolis, but the view is worth it.

Some Tips for Ladiko Bay

  1. Rent a convertible anything, there are many small streets that you can wander around for ages, but things are pretty far apart and you will need a car or four wheeler (ATV or motorbike)
  2. Take a print out map or get some tips from your hotel, you will not regret this. This is by far one of the best things we have done; we rented a little mini convertible and drove from our Casa Cook Villa to in Ladikou Bay
  3.  Another thing not to miss is a Anthony Quinn Bay, about a seven-minute walk. Visit the Ladikou Beach,one of our favorite little spots, lined with deep blue umbrellas and shades of blue mixed with yellow.
  4. Go jumping off the rocks, be careful of the pebbles though
  5. Take tons of water with you and some delicious fruits, it gets really really hot and there are tons of stairs, there is a little restaurant / café shop down there too
  6. Pack a lot of sunscreen in your beach bag - the sun will get you, spend the scorching hot afternoon under a colorful umbrellas
  7. Rent a little boat for the afternoon and go floating around the little coves
  8. Hang out like a local, we went to all of the hidden little bays and then Take your car down to Lindos about 34km (39 minute drive) from Anthony Quinn beach to Lindos town; a small little Greek town situated on the hill.
  9. Beaches to explore in Lindos; calm Pallas Beach, secluded St. Paul’s Bay, and the main beach, Megali Paralia. Save time to explore the town itself, too. It’s a bit of a hike up to the acropolis, but the view is magnificent. Try and have dinner in a spot that you can see the rooftops and hill with the Acropolis.
  10. Please do not ride the donkeys, they are exhausted from heaving tourists up and down cobble streets and are often standing in the sun throughout the entire day. Admire these gentle creatures from afar.

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