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We visit Dubai very frequently as my boyfriend has just bought property there. At first I was not interested in going somewhere ‘commercially made’ but as time went on, I started to have my eyes opened more and more.

Each time we travel to Dubai we try and stay somewhere different, not only to try out hotels but to try out new neighborhoods too. Dubai is close enough to Turkey, we board a four hour flight arrive in the morning and we are in summer.

The best times to travel we find is between October to March to avoid the heat and humidity. Whenever we travel we love to try new places and still do touristic things. The one thing I love about Dubai is not matter how many times we go there is always something we haven’t done. Personally I like to think that if we don’t do everything the first time that we will continue to come back as there is always something ‘unfinished’.  Dubai is full of tourists but equally as full with locals.

This time we stayed at the One and Only Resort Royal Mirage hotel. It is directly across from the Palm and I would stay there again in a blink of a eye. The location was something really special but accessible to wherever we needed and wanted to go.

Our four day vacay was packed with adventures and exploring aswell as seeing how many steps we could get in before breakfast.  We tend to work a lot more in Dubai then we do in Istanbul.  

Some Tips for Dubai

  1. Head to the old souks and medinas, there are many small streets that you can wander around for ages, there is also a gold souk, do I say more?
  2. Go to the Dubai Mall to see the fountain - played every hour it’s a beautiful show with either Arabic or foreign music while water shoots high up into the sky
  3. Take a sea plane, you will not regret this. This is by far one of the best things we have done in Dubai
  4.  Another thing not to miss is a Platinum heritage safari, they drive you out around the desert in a old school car and then you have dinner in a tent
  5. Visit the Palm and Atlantic Palm,one of our favourite little spots
  6. Hang around a area called JBR (Jumeriah beach road) there is a place called the JBR walkwhich is lovely and has many different restraunts and coffee shops and is situated basically on the beach
  7. Enjoy the city life while being on the beach, we enjoy strolls along the coastline that is connected to huge modern buildings on one side and beach on the other
  8. Pack a extra outfit in your hand bag or beach bag - the humidity will get you
  9. If you are travelling alone, there are women driver taxi’s - they are absolutely lovely and drive pink taxis.
  10. Go for a hotel that has a beach, the water is amazing and it’s a perfect escape for those hot days. Areas around the Palm are beautiful too

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