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Every year we try and do a Turkish vacay, this year we went to two destinations, Antalya and Bodrum for our family trip. Antalya, I went to with my boyfriend before my parents arrived.

We booked a spontaneous flight that morning and by 4pm we were stuck in traffic on the way to the airport. We took a short flight to Antalya and then drove one hour to a place called Kemer. We stayed at the most beautiful inclusive hotel called Maxx royal.  The hotel is situated between ocean and cliffs and has three beaches. One white sand beach, one pebble beach and one silent beach – yes, absolutely zero sound, no phones just me and my camera and people having a snooze. We spent three nights there and honestly, I never wanted to leave.  

The following weekend my parents arrived, we spent a few days in Istanbul before flying out to Bodrum. As we had been to Bodrum before we decided to do things a bit differently this time. We stayed in a different area called Gundogan, rented a boat for a few days and sailed around. We took the boat from the main city center and I was able to practice my Turkish some more with our lovely captain and his son.

We spent hours at sea, sailing to little coves and jumping off the boat, swimming to little bays and catching a tan. Dad and I had a brain storming meeting while sipping on cocktails. We spent the eight remaining days soaking up the Turkish rays while playing back gammon.

 Things to do on the Turkish Coastline

  1. Try and find a boat that suits your needs, ask around before making a decision and try and bargain towards your budget in mind.
  2. Sailing during season is pretty $$$ but well worth every cent spent , it is definitely something you should do while coming to Turkey.
  3. Head down to Antalya and drive to Bodrum, Marmaris or Cesme.
  4. Go for cocktails - pretty much anywhere or bring your own.
  5. Pack sunscreen – the Turkish sun is hot
  6. Try as many beach clubsas possible, Turkey have quite a big party scene. People pull up on their boats or yachts, cruise around during the day and then get dropped off at dinner spots for sunset and dinner.
  7. Try Turkish food – our favourite would have to be kabak cicegi – which is a stuffed zucchini flower
  8.  Take a hundred pictures but remember to live in the moment too, Turkey is honestly one of the most incredible places to holiday in, lucky for us we have a reason to travel as much as we can here.
  9. Swim as much as you can, the water is crystal clear and incredibly blue.
  10. Pack your Turkish towel, its fast drying, folds up small and is super versatile.

x    S  U M M A H  


O N E .  Fine chrome + Stone towel

T W O .  Sommer Swim selita top + behati bottom

T H R E E . limpet shell purse

F O U R . Korres sunscreen + La Roche Posay

F I V E . Hermes oran sandals

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