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While we were in Cape Town in December we met up with the amazing creative photographer Paige Wood. After lots of coffee and cake we decided that it would be a completely different vision and approach to how Summah campaigns are usually shot and that we would go for a more natural 'in nature' kind of look and feel. 

Paige Wood has a eye for detail and an aesthetic that is super recognizable. We sent her a few pieces to create some stories, after many voice notes and Whatsapp texts we came up with life on the farm concept lifestyle shoot, as Paige went up to her parents farm just outside Maseru, Bloemfontein for Christmas. A farm that is fulled with wild forests, orchards, fruit trees and farm animals. A beautiful contrast against our soft tonal hues and luxurious textured towels. 

For this "Gatherer story" - we thought it was beautiful to not only gather stone fruit and have afternoon picnics beneath the fruit trees but to gather fabric and textile too is something so simple. We love how Paige played with the ideas of hanging crisp laundry in the forest, taking in some sunlight while her delicates and linen dress from Elio clothing dried and then wandering around her parents property eating fruit to her hearts content.  

Definition of Gatherer : someone who goes to harvest or pick ; To forage , to gather cloth or things. 

Sustainble,  locally produced  and handmade, Elio's dresses were the perfect match. Button and tie up dress that are  feminine and has the most adorable sleeves paired beautifully with our oasis beige towel and new creme black. What better way to spend your days amongst the trees and eating apricots? 

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