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We recently shot our vacay shop campaign at our favourite spot in cape town; Maidens Cove with Andy van der Westhuizen + Cate Rochat

Our collection is ethically sourced and a small run production in an Atelier in Istanbul. All of the fabric used was selected from reclaimed fabric ; meaning an end of run fabric factory in a place called Zeytinburnu.


Our inspiration behind the range was soft linens, soothing waves and the texture of sand swept dunes and chilled hidden rock pools. Engalfed in soft 100% Turkish cotton and linen and dreamy boy-ish shapes, with the solid structure of our new addition visors.

Shooting with all women for this campaign was really empowering, celebrating our own differences and some common similarirties but creating something beautiful and powerful together. 


This season we wanted something fun but practical, we played around with different prototypes before finalising our belt bags / moon bags. Our belt bags are handmade by one lady in Turkey called Pinar.  All of our pieces with women’s names are women that are very good friends and that inspire us daily. Our summer essential crochet bags for that little bit of extra fun, splashed with delicious fruit and tassles ; with a new twist of a thicker cotton rope design. We have also introduced the zoe tote bag, which in itself is a everyday essential,

To happy sunny days together, dont forget your sunscreen, beach towel and all your summer Essentials


S U M M A H   x  




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