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In December while I was home we decided to take a day drive out to the West Coast National Park. I haven't been there since I was a kind and for the longest time I've been wanting to go spend some time there. Mum and I got in the car and drove for nearly two hours until we go there. I don't remember the beaches name that we went to but they give you a map as your enter. We set up an umbrella, unpacked our towels and organized lunch, put on a lot of sunscreen and hung out there all day. The weather was perfect and the water was beyond clear and so warm. We spent hours swimming and walking on the beach, watching families play bat and ball, driving around on their rubber ducks or jumping off the decks from the house boats. If you're looking for some solitude or to get out of the city, do yourself a favor and go exploring. There are so many incredible spots close to where we live. 
Have a beautiful Summer weekend 
S U M M A H    X 

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