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We look to others and within ourselves for the month of love and self love.

After writing to Meg from Nette Rose a couple of months ago, a lovely lunch date and constant support and love towards each others brand on instagram we thought why not collaborate. We finally found a perfect day with the most beautiful model (DABERECHI FROM BOSS) and we decided to combine both our brands together to shoot a beautiful intimate campaign for love month. Perfect hues of peach pinks, dusty blues, safari green and whites paired beautifully against Daberechi’s skin tone.

We lay under fruit trees, hiding from the summer sun. Hidden amongst ripened fruit and soft laces and cotton tassels. 

Inspired by the soft summer breeze and coolness of the orchard trees that Meg so luckily has in her garden full of peaches and nectarines in absolute abundance.

This shoot spoke to us in more ways than one, firstly a girl gang is always a good idea and secondly just to full respect and show the women’s body in such a picturesque but shy kind of way. High balconies embezzled with luscious green foliage and fruits that are so juicy, our collections shows some innocence and just as much sass and sexiness at the same time.

To more creative ideas, more empowerment of the female form and much more self love and awareness.

Happy love month, be kind to yourself 

To me, from me 

S U M M A H    +  N E T T E   R O S E  




Towels used for this shoot : Sorrento Peach / Praiano / Egg shell blue + Robes Solid white + White with light grey stripes 

All of the bralettes you can find on Nette Rose 

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