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Our collection is inspired and based on tactile pieces that bring a feeling or emotion when being touched or used.  We chose to shoot with Paige Wood and packed a car full of props and suitcases filled to the brim with towels, throws, blankets and padkos. We went into the Karoo to shoot our campaign and new Autumn Winter collection.  “The Karoo is a semi desert natural region of South Africa. No exact definition of what constitutes the Karoo is available, so its extent is also not precisely defined”. A place known for being an in-between place slicing through the great Karoo between Johannesburg and Cape Town.

We drew inspiration from the vast open spaces, clay like sand, open plains, dry grass, clear pink skies and the coziness of being wrapped up in doors with tea and marmalade toast. We stayed at Richmond café and rooms in Richmond, visited padstals and ventured out to Cornel Strydom’s Pink Hill. Vibrant colors of the ever-changing sky, the silence in the morning, wrapped up in layers and dancing in robes in the field. Open planned bathrooms, grandeur bath tubs and massive showers. Lathered in soap and cleansed with sponges, dried off with a plump absorbent 100% cotton flat woven Turkish Towel. Hand-picked cacti, pops of yellow and still moments.  

Everything about this trip instilled a sense of calm and grounding for us. Being South African and living abroad, I always love coming home to “my roots”. The Karoo is something I have been fascinated with for quite some time and when the opportunity arose to shoot there I thought it was destiny. We drove up early Monday morning and returned late Wednesday afternoon. We will do another blog post behind the scenes of our road trip and where we stopped off along the way aswell as the landscape more in detail.  

 S U M M A H   X

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