We often get questions about how one can use a turkish towel and if they are really that versatile? 

Well the answer is yes. There are many ways these luxurious, durable and quick drying towels can be multi functional, versatile and the best travel companion you can ever purchase. 

We shot a short series with our founder Kirst using her two towels different ways, how they can be worn and how they can be used.

Here are just a few ways / uses for your towel

  1. go swimming dry off and hang up to dry - your towel is easily absorbent and quick drying making it perfect after swims to dry off
  1. tie it around your waist- this is a fun way to wear your towel if you don’t want to make seats wet, aswell as it looks super cute
  1. wear it as a overdress- wrap it around you and tuck it in, or tie it around you and wrap it by pulling both sides
  1. swimming towel , tanning towel, drying off towel- perfect for drying off after a long swim in the ocean, it can be used as a tanning towel too which is gentle on your skin and gets softer with each and every wash
  1. use it in your bathroom or after a shower-soft against your skin and being 100% pure cotton they don’t run the risk of going or staying damp which you can experience with other types of towels. 
  1. use as a hair wrap after your shower - lets your hair dry naturally and allows breatheability as the towel is lightweight and woven with small gaps helping with the drying process.
  1. easily absorbent bath towel- fast drying, water absorbent and more absorbent after each and every wash.
  1. use as a perfect travel companion- whether you are cold on the flight or needing something to lay on or under, your towel folds up super small and compact. It can be used as a wrap, a scarf, a blanket or towel. Super versatile right? 
  1. use over furniture- practical nature means these towels can be used in the home as well; an added print and texture to a neutral or laid-back space. Bringing texture and comfort into your home
  1. use as a throw- thick enough to snuggle up on the couch or in bed with a hot cup of tea. Chilly outside why not wrap yourself up in your towel / throw or 100% cotton gown.


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