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Casa Cook has been on our next travel destination list for quite some time, frequently checking our timetables and avaliabilty - as the hotel is nearly almost full for the duration of summer, we managed to sneak in a four day mini vacay. The hotel should be on everyones travel list, it is the most perfect tranquil adult only hotel, a little oasis situated at the bottom of a gorgeous mountain range, but close enough to civilaisation and a beach. The hotel is in a area called Kolymbia, which we have never stayed at before, but will definetely be staying again. 

We have been to Rhodes many times, its a quick little get away out of Istanbul and the hustle and franticness of schedules and chaos. 

We left on Thursday morning, where we flew from Istanbul to Dalaman a airport in pretty much the middle of nowhere, we then drove for a hour to Marmaris where we stayed the night and then took a ferry to Rhodes. The ferry was open deck which was really nice as you can see the vastness of the ocean and the two cities / countries connecting via the ocean. Funny enough you can see Rhodes in the distance from land in Marmaris.

Our ferry docked at Rhodes old town port and we took a taxi through to the hotel. We were greeted by the loveliest staff, who were magical the entire trip, helping us with everything we needed and more. The staff in general have such a warmth about them that you feel like you've known them for a long time. 

We arrived, and were taken to our villa casa 504, in my head I said a little " me casa es su casa, my house is your house." You feel like you are at home away from home. The interior design and subtle neutral theme throughout the hotel is something really soothing yet modern. Its a picturesque instagram heaven.  Every detail is carefully thought threw, a bohemian luxury Inspired by the nomadic way of life;   a place for the wanderers , dreamers and explorers.  Poolside paradise at every turn, each 'casa' has access to private veranda pools. The decor really aesthetically shows the passion put into creating this hotel. The earthy warm tones and rigid vs fluid surfaces. The weather was absolutely perfect june / july is a really good time to go as the nights are still warm and the days are really hot - perfect for tanning in the shade ;) 


Things to do in R h o d e s  i n  t w o  d a y s 

1. Rent a car or quad bike and drive around the island, taxis are kind of expensive and having your own transportation is alot more fun

 2.  Rhodes old town + greek food 

We stayed two nights, which were perfect, we tried to fill our days to the fullest. The evening we arrived we rented a mini cooper and drove around the island, we went to Rhodes old town for the evening and ate at Golden olympiade, traditional greek cuisine, we had and array of different greek meze / tapas of olives, hummus, tzatziki with garlic pita served on the side, greek salad and homemade meatballs. 

 3. Beaches + sunscreen

The next day we woke up early, went down to the breakfast veranda and had a buffet of breakfast. We then lounged by the pool for most of the day and at around 4ish we got into the car and drove to some nearby beaches - Anthony quinn bay + Ladikou bay are two of my favourite secret spots. 

4. Lindos 

If you have time, head through to Lindos, you will not regret this. Go for dinner but preferably early and walk up to the mini acropolis or take a donkey - walking is better for your health. This little town has the most beautiful little shopping alley ways and is surrounded by a gorgeous coastline, another beach that is perfection is St Paul Bay, we unfortunately got there as the sun had sunk into the ocean but it was beautiful, we had dinner on the rooftops which was something really special.

5. Drink as many aperol spritz as possible 

We will be doing a blog post about it the greek beaches of Rhodes + Lindos so stay tuned for more. 

x S u m m a h 


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